Aspirational Day

Every day should be like this!

Brunch: coffee with soy milk, agave nectar & cardamom, two egg omelette with fresh oregano and pepper jack cheese

Water with lemon in between

Dinner: double sized salad with tomato, basil, oregano, red lettuce, sharp cheddar with homemade creamy balsamic, Spanish rice and beans, water with lemon, sangria

Dessert: scoop of ice cream with trail mix and fresh raspberries

Exercise: 3 miles on bike, 1 hour hike, gardening for half hour

Read: Henry Miller Letters to Anais Nin, Timeline History of France
Wrote: one poem, finished a journal, wrote more in new journal
Sleep: 7 hours

I love days off when I can cook at home. I use so many ingredients from the garden and I have the time to make very yummy but every economical food. I ran errands, did chores, chatted with friends, and finished up the rearranging of my room (project started on Friday and it's come out really well! I finally have the desk looking out onto the street, like it should have been the whole time!)

I hiked and biked at the Stony Brook Reservation, a hidden gem that's part of Boston's Emerald Necklace conservation land. It was so weird to be on top of a rocky, wooded hill and look out and see the Blue Hills and other far off places but still be in the city (albeit the furthest outskirts). I drive through this area to get to the South Shore all the time, but didn't realize it had paved bike trails and well marked hiking trails until this past week. I took advantage of the nice weather and got out there for a good two and a half hours today. Looking forward to another trip there soon.