Vegetarian Notebook - my new address and title for this blog

My Vegetarian Notebook

I've decided to change this address to "" since it's a notebook of recipes, nutrition & health information, news on nutrition, notes and thoughts on the topics under the subject of diet (not dieting but diet) and of course a place where, when I need to motivate myself, I report my daily health and nutrition regime to help me keep track.

I've had this health/ diet/ nutrition blog going for a few years and it's had a few iterations. Today I realized that the common thread from change to change is that I am a vegetarian and my diet is centered around that. This March marked the 20th year of my life that I've been a vegetarian. That is a really long time for someone who's in their early 30s. I started when I was 13, thanks to the influence of my uncle Dominic and my aunt Betty, who died in March. If it weren't for them leading the way, I don't know that my parents would have been as supportive of my decision.

So, everything is staying the same here, except the domain name and title of the blog are a better reflection of what the contents of this blog has come to be.

Incidentally, it really works, reporting here as close to daily as possible. I did really well in the run up to Mardi Gras and I lost a good 15 pounds from my highest post-Christmas weight. It's not recommended by any nutritionist to lose weight just so you can gain it all back having the most fun of your life in one of the best cities in the world at the best time of year to be there, but most health gurus tell you to make sure you enjoy and make the most out of life, so there's that.

Now that it is swimsuit season, I really need to buckle down and get back to it. I think I said that the other week and I didn't follow my advice...but it's not easy when you work two jobs and have a third non-paying "job" of being a budding writer, not to mention with such good TV on.

My goal isn't to lose a drastic amount but to ensure I stay away from my weaknesses and amp up my exercising. If I did that, I would be at the healthy weight I want on a constant basis. As it is now, with the hectic schedule I have, I fluctuate 10-15 pounds often. Not good for the body, or the wardrobe.

Here are my weaknesses: cookies, cookies, chocolate, cookies, brownies, chocolate, candy, ice cream, chips, snack crackers, chocolate, cheese, and cookies. I love the crap out of chocolate chip cookies. My other enemies are daily exercise, regular sleep and a wacky eating schedule. Oh and chocolate.

Here's what I'm good at: healthy breakfast every day, healthy meals, healthy snacks, flushing out the system, good dietary supplement regimen, hydrating, and a wealth of knowledge of what I am *supposed* to be doing (but don't always follow...)

I believe when I was at my best, I was trying to, as Michael Pollan puts it, eat vegan for 70% of the day. If I stick to that, and make sure my non-vegan intake isn't from things like whey or other processed whatever else in snack crackers, desserts or, specifically, cookies, then I should be better. I limited myself to "one bad thing a day". I went from 3 or 4 to 1. That's the big thing for me.