After 3

I eat so healthy up until 3 PM. That's when I get so tired. Too tired to fix anything healthy, too tired to care about calroies: I crave a sugary snack, just like I did when I was 10 and would come home from school and have a snack. But on the days I'm really tired and have only finsihed the first half of my day, then the second half is about to begin at 345, that's when the bad eating habits really kick in. A pastry, a Coke, a cookie. Something like that, maybe to or 3 somethings like that. Oh, the 3 o'clocks. How do I fix you?

Here's how I've done today
b: coffee w/ soy & agave (3 cups, half decaf), handful of almonds, blueberry breakfast bar
s: yogurt with trail mix, banana and grape nuts, tea
l: greek salad, iced tea (unsweetened), whole grain baguette, fruitable drink, rice milk cheese stick and crackers
RIGHT NOW: me want cooooookie or similar. I have my iced tea in front of me to sip until dinner (leftover mash, bean and cheese burrito, carrots and hummus)

My dessert? I have dark chocolate and maybe some more almonds? More tea, as well.

If I could eat anything right now it would be lemon coconut cake. Or an orange scone.