WBUR's RadioBoston program with Timothy Caufield 5/29/12

Heard this story in teh afternoon today:

Commonhealth: Widespread Health Myths Debunked

This and swimsuit time made me want to work at will power. Also my stomach is acting funny again. I think it may be my dairy intake again. It's like I go in bouts of lactose intolerance. So, less dairy for me for now and I hope that improves things. It makes me very tired to be sick to my stomach.

Trying to have will power not get something bad for me from vending machines.


vegetarian spag bog with whole wheat pasta, tea, oatmeal with soymilk and agave, tea, water, 10 saltines

About to have apple sauce and rice noodle dish for dinner.

Really want something horrible like peanut M&Ms or something. Trying to restrain myself.