Summer is coming - time to be more conscientious

You know, swimsuit time and all. The thing I need to focus on most is 30 mins of activity a day. Even if it's rainy, like today.

B; bfast bar, 2 coffee with soy and agave
S: Reeses Peanutbutter Cups, 4 wh gr crackers
L: quiche with tomato and zucchini, greek salad
S: mocho coconut frappucino from Sbux

Okay, so the Reeses and the frappuchino are bad bad bad. No more junk today. But the fraps are 1?2 off and I had a gift cert and the Reeses were a gift.

I played about 10 minutes of catch football today. I walked back and forth around the school a bunch. But no official walk. I really should take advantage of the fact that I have a free gym membership through the college as an employee and just use their treadmills when it's raining to get my walk in.