Once Upon a Time - an anagram challenge

The roommates at Alhambra Rd have gotten me into ABC's "Once Upon a Time", not that it was hard to do considering how much I like myths and archtypes.

Recently it was revealed that the mysterious writer character's full name is "August Wayne Booth". It was also revealed that he was not Rumplesteltskin's son but knew about him. He thinks he is dark but could not command the dark forces with R's knife and KB has surmised, and I agree, that he's probably Pinnochio. Still, they were so pointed about stating his full name, I decided to see if there was a significant anagram in it. I tried my hand at some on my own but then let an anagram generator website do the dirty work.

Significant results include:

A Beauty Sought Won
Snow Beauty Hag Out
He was a boy To ?Gut Nu
He was a boy To ?Tug Nu
tons of boy ones but I can't figure out the right combo

Can you?