Fast, Easy, Yummy Pasta Prima Vera Recipe

1 box of Annie's mac & cheese - alfredo prob works best
two handfuls chopped arugula or spinach or whatever leafy green you like
1 pkg Green Giant Healthy Vision frozen veg (
1 regular single serving container plain Greek yogurt
2 tsp evoo
sprinkle paprika, chipotle powder, salt, pepper, dried basil flakes
if on hand, chopped fresh frozen rosemary (use scissors to chop for easy cleaning)
parmesan to taste

Cook the pasta in 2 quarts salty water as directed. Chop the leafy green using scissors over the colander. You can use the draining pasta water to wilt the greens when you drain the pasta. While pasta's cooking, take about half cup of starchy water and mix with cheese packet, yogurt, evoo, and spices & seasoning. De thaw the frozen veg and add to the colander. When pasta is al dente, pour carefully over veggie to wilt/ heat. After drained, put everything back in the saucepan. Toss all ingredient well and let heat for a couple minutes till it's hot, stirring occasionally.