Ways to Fill Non-Downton Abbey Hours

Addiction is a painful thing to overcome. If you are like me and struggling to fill your time from Sunday night to Sunday night now that Downton Abbey is back, here are some ways in which you can fill your time, if you have Netflix streaming. Be prepared to be disappointed that once you get really hooked on something, there are no more episodes, though.

the first season of the original Upstairs Downstairs
the 80s episodes of Inspector Poirot starring David Suchet
Geraldine McEwan Miss Marples from ITV (mid-00s)
The Forsyte Saga, season one
Poldark, season one

Once your British fix options have been depleted, all the Mad Mens are on Netflix as well. Watching them four or five times is completely acceptable: once for plot, again for costumes, another for character development and a fourth for clues as to what in tarnation might happen once this freakin' 5th season gets under way and a fifth before the fifth season to remember everything forgotten in the year plus hiatus. I've gotten off track, from Downton, to Mad Men but I think they're similar in their strange pandemographic appeal and the fact that they're "period dramas".