Hi, Coupons AKA Haiku-Pons from Target

Oh hey look at that. Today I got a mailer from Target that was full of coupons and haiku about the things that were in the coupon book. A packets of haiku-pons. They were not the best haiku I've ever read and probably Basho and Kerouac are rolling over in their graves or whatnot. I suppose I should object to the commercialization of poetry or something, but I appreciate the nod to the ancient poetic form. I guess. It's creative and silly and it caught my attention. Plus it's coupons. Those are fairly benevolent things.


(for toilet paper coupons)

a soft, cushy roll
is a cozy, happy joy
sweet squares of heaven

(for laundry detergent)

super-powered suds
mighty matador for stains
look! it's good as new

And so on and so forth. Interesting.