A Poem a Day for a Year, etc.

Well, as of October 19, I will be half through with my journey of writing a poem a day for a full year. I am posting them on a private blog and I am not sure if I will make them public in the future or not. But at least I have the option if I do want to. The practic has been fruitful and I'm pleased--more than pleased, at times--with the results. Lots of different themes have come up and it will be exciting to look back on 365 new pieces of material to decide whether they're something more or just what was good for the day. To see the range of what can come out of practicing, what my mind and the world and the hum of creativity can collaborate to create, is fun and exciting.

Steve Jobs has died, as many in the OnLine and Real Life world have been talking about since the news was released about an hour ago. Tributes and old audio and video of sage things he once said and did is circulating fluidly throughout the internet. I bring this up because I did take time to listen to a commencement speech he gave at Stanford, in which he talked about death. How knowing you are going to die should make you certain you should do the things that make you want to live.

I thought about my year-long task of writing a poem for every day from April 19 to April 19. I thought about all my writing of children's stories and poems and whatever else I've embarked upon. I thought about the naysayers and how somehow I've really let them get to me. That's what I thought about as I listened to that Steve Jobs speech.

It's October. Usually I love this month more than anything but there's something funny about it this time around and I can't put my finger on why I'm not gushing with lvoe for the sights of New England in Autumn. Maybe it will catch on when the leaves really start to pop with color.

Anyway, all of that -- the writing every day, the motivational speeches from now-deceased innovators, the month of October -- feels like seeds to something. Not sure what. But I'm ready for a techtonic kind of shift.