Netflix Netflix Netflix for da RomComs

Now that my charges have doubled on Netflix, I'm taking them for all they've got when it comes to streaming options. This weekend's Rom Com movie marathon:

Muriel's Wedding - do you think I look like Toni Colette? I get that about once a season, someone saying that I do. Anyway, this movie is cute and my mom's been recommending it for ages so I'm glad I finally had a chance to see it.

Sirens - Netflix knows I like a period piece. This was fine. It was more about the "lust" aspect than of the "lust in art" aspect that it's premise says it's based on. Pretty fun to watch though the nudity was constant and really gratuitous, not titillating.

In a Day - a sweet little indie flick with some very interesting scene and an odd premise. I thought the two main characters were acted perfectly. I loved the saxophone part.

I Love You Phillip Morris - is the real reason that Jim Carey left Jenny McCarthy because of Ewan MacGregor, because their loved seemed awfully genuine in the weirdest, wackiest yet funnest romantic dramedy I've ever seen.

Jude Law's Alfie - You know, I haven't seen the original. I'm sure it's way better, though there was nothing wrong, per se, with this one. It was just a little too pat, as can happen with a remake.

Then She Found Me - I have no idea why this wasn't more popular when it came out. Perhaps because it goes about the Rom Com formula in the most circuitous route you can imagine. But I love it for it's unprecedented storylines (when it comes to its genre of Rom Com) and honesty. And you can't go wrong with Colin Firth, since he is my husband.

Now I'm a quarter of the way into Flakes, which is an indie flick about a unique, odd restaurant in New Orleans that serves only breakfast and the funky customers that it serves. So far, I'm loving it. Doesn't take much to do that, but it, of course, makes me miss my mom.