My New Bedroom

I have a lot more windows but not enough sets of curtains to go on every one of them. Yet I love the curtains I have, so I got all "outside of the box" and put a different set on each window/door. Here's pictures of those windows, plus other little things around my room that I like.

 I am liking my new space in my apartment and should have converted this rarely used dining room ages ago! The fact that there's no closet is really not that big of a deal. The color and space are better. I have cool things on the wall to look at and inspire me.

And a bit more space for a bed area, dressing area and library/office area.

My bedroom is where I do most of my writing. Usually sitting on the bed with four or more books scattered about, the laptop open, one or two notebooks and my trusty thin Crayola markers. That's how I roll. (Durrr)