Slow Summer

I usually create a lot of necklaces during the summer while watching Red Sox games. I haven't watched as many because I have been working on week nights quite a bit. But I'm on vacation for one more week, so I'm back at it.

Necklace for Rene - big green oneRene said she wanted a long, big green necklace. This one will be one she can wear singled, doubled or tripled. I  will put the 3 feature beads, which are pendant like, spaced one third apart from each other so she can have the three featured in the middle. There's all kinds of materials here: chrysophase, clay, stones, plastic, glass, wood, then some polished gold colored beads too to break up the green. I just grabbed all the materials and mostly randomly spread them around the board then went back and spaced everything a little more strategically wherever it needed filling in.

I hope it comes out as good as it looks like it may!