Kwame Anthony Appiah -or- "Some of my best friends are Republicans"

OnBeing, formally known as Speaking of Faith, is one of my favorite programs on NPR. Instead of going to church on Sunday, I listen to the program and that gets me the contemplative space I need for the week. I wanted to share this quote from the OnBeing blog, written by Krista Tippet about her interview with Kwame Anthony Appiah. He is president of the PEN American Center and a Princeton philosopher. The movie 'Guess Whose Coming to Dinner?" was based on his parents biography.

What we need more than agreement, he says, are simple habits of association with different others, encounters that breed familiarity. There is real social and even moral value to be had, he suggests, when we connect with others even on the most mundane topics of who we are and how we spend our days — whether it be soccer or football, shared hobbies or parenting. In fact, Anthony Appiah says, this kind of human exchange — as much a matter of presence as of words — is the old-fashioned meaning of the word “conversation.”

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