Someday - someday soon - I hope, I will stop being a wimp

I have a mountain of work that I barely ever share and am very skiddish about exposing. I hold the cards close, as they say. The reason is because I didn't really feel very good the first time around when I tried to share whatever I was creating. The sharing didn't inspire me to create more and work harder. In fact, it did the opposite. Made me doubt myself to the point of almost giving up altogether. Then I said, "Screw that," and instead just created because that's what I wanted to do, that's what felt right and good. And now, so many years after that cocooning, am I ready to come out? Still don't know. Still don't know. But I like reading about other people who do and do it fearlessly.

This link, from "Raising My Boychick" website, is a post about embracing rejection letters as a positive:

Sample quote: "I want the human experience, the beauty not of blankness could’ve-been-greatness but the tangible paper in my hand saying girl, you tried."

I like it. Affirmational and inspirational.