Nashville Cats by the Lovin' Spoonfuls

This song keeps going through my head. You ever get an earworm for no good reason? I was in Nashville for dinner yesterday, last year. Maybe that's why it keeps popping up. I know there's something funny about the time signature on this or something...

Yeah just dug through my brain and the internet and here is a link to a music rundown of a 2007 episode of Schickele Mix called "We Never Make Misteaks."
I guess I won't know exactly what the deal was with The Lovin' Spoonful's Nashville Cats because Schickle Mix isn't available for download. I think I remember Peter Schickle pointing out that during the chorus there was an extra beat that wasn't supposed to be there.

Maybe now that I've digressed and researched and posted about the song here on the creativity notebook, it will stop entering my brain and invading the silence. Argh.