My Life in France by Julia Child

I made sure to have some tasty-enough wine with me at the beach (Bota Box travel packs Chardonnay, no glass allowed on Beach!) as I started my Summer 2011 Beach Read "My Life in France" by Julia Child. I knew it would be important to have something pleasant to sip as I envied her her bottles of classic French wine over dinners in Paris and thereabouts in the late 1940s. This book is the perfect, lighthearted summer read. I haven't really put it down since I started it on Sunday.

Things I must remember to use more often when cooking: butter (diplomatically, though--not in everything but a little more often at the right time, because it is delicious!), champignons because I love them and I hardly ever buy them for some reason, and wine to cook with. It makes things taste yummier.

(Can you believe I will be 33 next week and The Republic of France will be 222 on the same day and WE STILL HAVEN'T MET IN PERSON??!!! Even though I love her? What is wrong with me? Je suis trรจs pauvre is it what is wrong. Mais bien sur. This is the way for le poete maudit. And the bibliotecaire maudit. And the maitre d'ecole maudit. Etc etc etc.)