707 Scott Street

I was just reading my copy of 707 Scott Street (the Journal of John Wiener's is to be called...for Billie Holiday 1959) yesterday, thumbing over the part on the spine where I had removed the LC call number tag from the Boston Public Library and feeling a tinge of guilt. I had borrowed the book for so long, accidentally, that Boston had charged me a $35 replacement fee. I paid the fee. I found the book. I kept the book. It was out of print and I loved it! Still, all those other Bostonians who would now only have access to the reserve copy...
And now, it was as if the waves at Nantasket* washed away all my poetic sins today, for the good news is: EVERYONE can access it FOR FREE!


Thanks Green Integer!

*I went to Nantasket Beach today. As in "Yes the same boy that rode the swings at Nantasket Beach..." as referenced below in the John Wiener's poem "Playboy" from Cultural Affairs. He's my favorite poet because he is the best, but it's also nice that we have so much in common, like childhoods spent at the same tacky beach.