Things To Do This Summer

Summer is here. (Won't feel official until the 3rd graders are DONE, which is Thursday...if I can make it that much longer???) What's on the agenda?

Free Events in Boston:

NOFA Mass Confrence at UMass Amherst, which I might attend for a day in August this year:

I didn't swim in one fresh water swimming spot last year! Preposterous!

I want to ride my bicycle. It needs some maintenance though:

Plus READING READING READING (see: New Book as of 6/18/11 post) and WRITING WRITING WRITING!

Not to mention visits from Mom, visits to Big Baby Lucas and all the friends on the South Shore and in Maine, working on the garden and learning more about gardening and actually eating food at my house, which doesn't happen with this crappy schedule, I tell you.

PLUS, the extra fun thing for this summer: My Historical Literary Tour of Massachusetts with Florine.

And I have a lot of spring cleaning that never got done in the spring, so it will have to be summer cleaning.