Here and Now Sonnet Challenge and My Big Mouth

I got into a silly though interesting comment exchange with another commenter on WBUR's "Here and Now" show's webpost on an American Sonnet Poetry Challenge. The other commenter was adamant that a sonnet must have 14 lines, rhymes and be in iambic pentameter. I wholeheartedly disagreed. We went back and forth for about 3 comments from me before I gave up.

So, a Here & Now producer contacted me because they wanted to quote me from my comments for a story they should be doing on Wednesday about poetry. If it airs, I'll post the link. I hope they don't quote the part where I got frustrated and called his world "boring." Actually, I said, "Have fun in your boring world of Everything Staying Exactly The Same Forever and Ever. I'm sure it's rather thrilling." Because I have a hot Irish temper sometimes that gets the best of me. ;-)