Alternative Gardening Ideas - Wicking Beds

Global Buckets from
Came across these links which are helpful to any urban dweller looking to grow veggies and other plants. People are so creative. Talk about eating local and recycling materials.

In depth article on wicking beds - what they are, how to build them links to other sites for suggestions, from the website.

These two teenage brothers are so fricken awesome and adorable. They remind me of Keanu Reeves! But they're way smarted because they came up with these handy, inexpensive ways to grow a garden using cheap buckets, PVC pipe, Solo cups, trash bags and some tools:

This lady has a bunch of how-to videos on urban/ container gardening:

This is a $30 product you can buy to set up your own wicking bed easily and without the tools required for the DIY efforts listed above. There's lots of accessories, too.

Some more links to other wicking bed ideas: