The Guild by Bernadette Mayer


by Bernadette Mayer

One the exhaustive forest's farm
where waster apples knock the fruit
from the staghorn sumac trees all night
she dreamed I might be dead
so she could have him in the theory & then she
stole her sister's new girlfriend away.
He goes to bed early to sabotage our privacy
leaving me alone to talk and play with her.
(Also Antonio who wears loud flowered pink
& blue shorts & shirts says he likes her).
Late that night Joe & Linda's loud party
wakes him up but I wont talk to him at first
--maybe I should really be being mad at her.
Then he tells me he's jealous of how she loves me
And that's why he suddenly left the room.
This was the same day I got halfway down
a new path by the pond and turned back.
Now Nicky's just come home with two sixguns
from Wild West City which isn't far from here.