Scores of Scoria


I was thinking about my good fortune in having a garden that is somehow part of the Mattapan Volcanic Complex of the Roxbury Conglomerate. I dig up scores of Scoria, a mafic volcanic rock, and use it to border the garden and line drainage beds. Very pretty stuff. And volcanic soil is a fertile gold mine when it comes to soil. I am not sure I have such a green thumb as I do very good luck to have nutrient rich soil. Whatever I put in my teeny plot, I get it back in abundance! Lucky me.

Here's a link to topographical map of the Boston area, from a Geography blog called "Written in Stone...seen through my lense."


I think science stuff is on my brain since we're wrapping up our "The Poetry of Science" unit at the school. We're going to have a poetry reading and everyone will get their books. Very fun! I stressed to the kids, and I practice what I preach, the beauty of  "science" words and how they enhance a poem because they're very specific, descriptive and concrete, so they give a strong image and feeling.