New Books Arrived from cannot exist press

Oh yay. New books arrived yesterday in the mail from cannot exist press. Very exciting. Here's what I got:

cannot exist no. 7
Mugged into Poetry by CA Conrad
bridge of the world by Roberto Harrison
the hallucinated by Sara Larsen
How's the Cows by Jess Mynes

Reviews to follow as I get through my new gems. Here's a taste of one I found yesterday as I flipped through them when I first got them. This is from Jess Mynes's "How's the Cows":

trophy crude

strong scattered middle 
mild Catskill lows
walk this ounce right tact
April halt lapsing droplet
starts considered flames
found out ever of lilac
into well after should be
systemic indent district
wants narrow check
fewer crude regret
swearing bilge ends
uncertain Summer idylls erupt
scars you mark met in the hurt then

and this excerpt from CA Conrad's "Mugged":

i thought about getting
lipsuction and having
the fat cremated
but it's not
the same because i can
eat more
donuts and
grow it back

it doesn't count

it HAS to be 
missing for
good you

but to
spread my
own ashes is something
i love thinking about
and the cheerful
sound of my
peg legs on

Get your own! From what I see so far, it's worth it!