New Books as of 2/27/11

I haven't updated since October. I'm pretty sure I'm missing things but here's the list as I know it:


Galileo's Daughter by Dava Sobe (borrowed)
The Schools Out Children Deserve by my education hero, Alfie Kohn


Only a Novel: The Double Life of Jane Austen by Jane Aiken Hodge
Lady Susan/ The Watsons/ Sandition by Jane Austen


A Season in Hell/ Illuminations trans Enid Rhodes Peschel
A Season in Hell trans Paul Schmidt
Guillaume Apollinaire by Scott bates (borrowed)


The Immaculate Conception Mother's Club by David R. Surette
Moving Day by Ish Klein
Jealous Witness by Andrei Codrescu


Greying Ghost was super super and sent me a ton of awesome supplements to go with Michael Bernstein's "Nanostars" including Lauren Becker and Amber Sparks for the Stamp Stories Project, three pieces by Brennen Wysong, J. A. Tyler "This Furniture is a Couch...", and "Becoming Regardless" by Morgan Schuldt. Carl Annarummo does beautiful work.

Hammer and Praise by Jim Bodeen

Aquarius Rising by Ben Fama

Yellow Slicker by Kate Schapira

All Small Caps anthology 2 and anthology 4