New Blog Series: When Minds Wander

One of the best things about working with kids is when they're so very wonderfully childlike. As the assistant teacher, I work with them a lot during the down-time times: recess, lines, lunch, morning. Throughout the day I hear so many awesome statements and questions, I've just got to write this stuff down.

Awesome questions:

"Who invented basketball?"

"Does Japan have universal health care?"

"Where did the bicycle come from?"

"Do you want to join my Michael Jackson fan club?"


"Scientists sent water bears to Mars."

"They found s thing called the Giant Tadpole. It's scary."

"There's a bird that migrates from the Arctic to Antarctica."

"I want to know more about the water ape."


"I didn't know black people had freckles," from a student who is half black half new mexican-american (mix of anglo, irish and long time mexican).

"I do the best Michael Jackson moonwalk and spin." They're obsessed with Michael Jackson because of the Wii game.

After reaching out and touching my bangs for no reason, "Soft hair."

I will delve into the depth of these statements and the adorable stories that go with them in the future. For now I just wanted to get them down.