It's been a while

I'm still a vegetarian and I still eat mostly Mediterranean EXCEPT I'm eating bad things like chocolate and cookies way too much. Still have tons leftover from Christmas. And weekend have been designated soda times. Not good.

So, after today (already ruined it by having 2 mint oreos and 2 chocolate chip cookies). I'm going to keep clear track of the bad things only but if I'm so inclined write down everything else too. And try to go back down to 0-2 bad things.

Today so far:

Breakfast: almond milk, 2 wheetabix, 1 banana, instant coffee with honey and almond milk
Snack: 2 chocolate chip cookies from Trader Joe's
Lunch: coffee with honey and soy milk, arugula salad with celery, tsp goddess dressing, spalsh cider vinegar, sprinkle of bleu cheese crumbles, chopped celery stalk
Snack: coffee with soy milk and honey, 2 mint oreos