Flaxseed Oil capsules

I take a Flaxseed Oil capsule every day as part of my vitamin & supplement regiment. I have heard in various places that a lot of these pills provide only "dead" vitamins because the body does't absorb everything it gives.

I looked up the effects of flaxseed oil. I think that because it is just the straight up real thing (flaxseed oil in a gel capsule) it isn't "dead". The benefits are pretty neat-o.

It says it can help with memory and depression. It helps with heart health. As a whole seed, if has dietary fiber. It has thiamin, niacin, B6, vitamin K, riboflavin, trace C and E along with copper, phosphorous, iron, zinc, selenium and calcium and, it's most star feature: omega 3 fatty acids for brain health.

Genetically speaking, brain health and digestive health are important for me since colon cancer and Alzheimer's run in my family.