707 Scott St

I have a confession to make: I borrowed "The Journal of John Wieners is to be called 707 Scott St" from the BPL and I never returned it. They had already charged me the $35 replacement fee when I realized my mistake. So I paid the fine and kept the book, which was a wise move on my part since the cheapest copy on Amazon is around a hundred bucks. (WTF? I hate when books by poets would be unaffordable to the poets who wrote them!)

Some things, as I re-dabble with the book while watching NFC championship and hang out the bf and his new puppy:

I didn't know of John Wieners until 2008, so there's no one who can say I was copying with my set of poems called 606 Ellis St, which is named after my Gramma's old SF address. (Such a quirky little house, where the neighborhood grew and grew but the little bungalow stood its tiny ground.)

And finally, I understand very deeply these quotes Lewis Warsh extracted from the journal, "I must forget hot to write...I must unlearn what has been taught to me...I must learn how not to write. I must watch with my 5 senses."

Yes~yes, yes, yes. Yes.