The Witch Must Die - a book on fairy tales

The Witch Must Die is a book about fiary tales "How Fairy Tales Shape Our Lives" is the subtitle. It's also the history of fairy tales, the necessity of fairy tales and what's been omitted from the one we know and what ones we don't know over the years.

A student called up looking for this book. We happened to have two copies and it happened to catch my eye, so I checked the second copy out. It's fascinating and fits into so much of what I've been reading, from Tori's book "Piece by Piece" to Duncan's essays on myth, to our modern 21st century fairy tale of Harry Potter, especially in consideration of book #7, where the Harry Potter wizarding world's fairy tales play a key role in plot development.

I've decided that before I really plunge into the last book (that is, get to reading non-stop instead of a little bit before bed, like I have been doing since I finished #6 the otehr day) I'm going to read this book and re-read Rowling's made up fairy tale's from Beedle the Bard. I think it will bring an interesting take to my third time aroudn of reading Deathly Hollows.

I can't think of any other poets I know who are as obsessed with Harry Potter as I am. I wonder what this means about me??? But there's something that is defintiely good for my writing poetry brain that reading fiction does. Gives it a rest a little? Helps me think of things from a similar yet distinctly different approach? Both? Somethinglike that.