Time and Health - Thinking about Regimen

It's so much easier to be healthy and conscientious when one has the TIME to do so. Things fell apart when I was working at the school, the library and the store. Add to that all the family members moving away and all the gatherings and errands and tasks associated with that, and I was headless chickenish for a solid 6 months there. Things didn't even get any better when the school year ended because I had to do so much with Mom's move to NOLA.

My goal is to create a regimen that makes it easier for me to eat healthy and get exercise in, even when I am back to working all three jobs again. Now it is August. Vacations and moves and parties are out of the way. I have a limited budget but a lot of free time this month (no library until Sep 6 after next week, no school until Sep 1; hence the limited budget but extra time). So, I can get into a routine and get a lot of clutter and other things that took up unnecessary time out of the way now and be ready for when I have a busy schedule. That's why I have been clearing out and cleaning up and organizing my house.

I need to make exercising a priority in my routine. What I'm thinking is that I will have three and a half hours between jobs in the begining of each week. I can use that time for lunch, commuting, errands and EXERCISE. There's a beautiful national historic site with a wonderful walking/biking path near one of my jobs. I could take my bike in my car and BIKE for a while there or go for a nice WALK. I can take a half hour for lunch after I get out of work, then head to the park for an hour of exercise, travel to the next job for a half hour commute, then take an hour or so every day for either reading and writing or errands. Then head in a little early to work to freshen up and start the next shift.

The rest of the week is free time and I can add YOGA to the mix. Which I keep saying I'm going to do but keep backing out. I'd also like to join the community center and get back to SWIMMING for exercise, as I am a fish and love the water.

Even when I am busy, I have to take better care of myself. The other thing I have to do with my free nights and weekends is PREPARE FOOD FOR BUSIER DAYS. It's when I go out to eat that I waste money and consume less healthy, fresh food. I'm going to take advantage of my slow cooker to make meals for the upcoming week on Sunday. And better use of the freezer.

I need to also make sure to GET ENOUGH SLEEP. Being tired all the time was what lead to the crappy snacking. I wrote about this before but Dr oz, of Oprah fame, said that a lot of time when we are tired, we think we are hungry. And we end up consuming sweets for the instant sugar rush. But really what we need is a nap or we are dehydrated. Staying HYDRATED is important. We need to drink a glass of water before we decide what, if anything, to eat.

Is it really possible to get this done, even when life gets hectic? This is a lot to think about. It seems doable in the abstract. But thinking about it and trying to prepare for any pitfalls is a big help in sticking to being healthy. And I have this blog to report to, once again, to make sure I do.

Stay tuned...