Post Boston Poet Tea Party Post

This weekend's Boston Poet Tea Party marathon reading was spectacular. Jim, John, David, Mick and Aaron did a really good job hosting everything. It was great to hear so many readers (96 in all, I believe. I missed about 20. Can't catch 'em all, unless you're the host...).

BPTP porch

It was also great to hang out with friends, get to know acquaintances better and meet new people. I am looking forward to next year (hoping there is a next year...) and feeling a little post-party depression going back to humdrum library work life.

thirsty scholar table

Here is a poem of John Wieners's that I read at the end of my allotted time, since I thought it was good for the occasion:


O poetry, visit this house often,
imbue my life with success,
leave me not alone,
give me a wife and home.

Take this curse off
of early death and drugs,
make me a friend among peers,
lend me love, and timeliness.

Return me to the men who teach
and above all, cure the
hurts of wanting the impossible
through this suspended vacuum.

Melissa and Bridget