Henri Meschonnic - more notes - Aug 3, 2010

I cannot wait to somehow someday find more comprehensive information on Meschonnic, but here's some cobbling together of highlights from the internet:

~*~ Stephanie Young's RePo notes on Lisa Robertson's translation of the Meschonnic Glossary -

“Historicity = the continuous addition of others to the subject”

“A poem = a continuity,an action, not an object. A straying.”

“Subject = the mode of orality.”

~*~ From an old blog about Henri Meschonnic by Piers Hugill:

the kind of thinking that he is engaged in is a poème or passion de la pensée, that is, a specific kind of thinking related to the activity that is unique to each poem and each situation, and whose most obvious characteristic is ‘the continuous movement of signifiance...constructed by the historical activity of the subject’

[For Meschonni c]ritique, then, is what refuses mastery, the status quo, and the maintenance of order; it is that which constitutes an adventure into the unknown, the unfinished, the unreachable, and therefore a movementtowards knowledge, rather than the description of a knowledge.

Poetics begins with the poem, it doesn’t end there.

his general critique of all European poetry in the last 150 years is partly what he considers to be its bias towards the lyrical, a tendency he traces to the Romantic confusion of the subject with the individual

Meschonnic has pioneered a critique of what he calls the ‘theory of the sign’...which he claims imposes a form of universalism or false totality...via the dualisms...of signifier-signified of 'traditional theory...prevents the emergence of the new, or the utopian, in favour of the status quo and the maintenance of order

More notes to come...This is an ongoing project for certain...