Framingham Public Schools Lunch Program

School lunches can be seriously atrocious. I know. I witness it daily during the school year. Apple go uneaten. Chocolate or strawberry milk is chosen over lowfat plain milk. Chicken nugget, pizza and mozzarella sticks get consumed whole heartedly while carrots, brown rice and lettuce remain untouched.

However, this afternoon I heard a story about the school lunch director for Framingham Public Schools. Brendan Ryan is a real chef, which makes a difference on what he serves, and he's doing a remarkable job with the resources at hand. "Calzones from scratch...a make your own burrito bar...simple things like chicken on the bone, red bliss potatoes and green beans, all fresh not frozen..." It's made his food become very popular -- demand is up for school lunch in FPS and he did so without resorting to the processed food we've all come to know and loathe at school cafs around the country.

Also of note: by 2012, school will no longer be allowed to offer junk food in vending machines, school lunch lines or school stores. Here's hoping that will help change things!