When it comes to recipes, I'm always watching or reading them from professionals and adapting them because I'm a vegetarian. That's how I've always watched the cooking shows, or reading a menu, thinking, "How can I adapt this to my vegetarianism?"

With that in mind, I've added a list to the right hand side of the blog about the recipes I've posted and what I envision any potential reader doing with them. I've also outlined those ideas here below in this post (please note I've stolen a lot from my Nigella Lawson YouTube viewing, particularly her "Nigellla Express" clips):

~ "All cooking has to be about changing things to your taste" ~Nigella Lawson
~ These recipes are a blueprint
~ Substitute as you see fit
~ Adapt, add and delete to your tastes, supplies, budget, and desires
~ NOTHING in the recipes are GOSPEL

It's always taste, Taste, TASTE. Everything's just an idea. YOU make it happen.