Rethinking Poetics: more online responses

It's getting heated out there! But that's a good thing, I think. So often it isn't the THING that's the thing, but what happens after...

Stephanie Young's "RE PO PORT" at that link.

Michael Kelleher's post on the conference.

A poem-report from John K.

Silliman's collection.

And just a note about my post about the event: This is a commonplacebook, which works as a more sophisticated kind of scrapbook, but isn't often a blog of long manifestoes or semi-formal essays. It's a very informal listing and commentary of thoughts and notes. Sometimes when I'm very passionate about something, I'll go a little more into, like I did about standardized testing in public schools, but for the most part, I'm just using this space for collecting and observing, so my Rethinking Poetics post was, in turn, just such a tame thing.