Poetry To Do's

~*~ Over Facebook, I read that Steve Evans has asked for contributions for Attention Span 2010, which got me to looking at previous entries.


Of immediate note to me were Jennifer Scappettone's and CA Conrad's contributions last year:

CA's http://thirdfactory.wordpress.com/2009/09/27/attention-span-2009-ca-conrad/

Jennifer Scappettone's - esp RE Herman Melville's verse; must remember to check that out! http://thirdfactory.wordpress.com/2009/10/04/attention-span-2009-jennifer-scappettone/

~*~ When thinking about what I would submit as far as newer books that I read enthusiastically this year, I remembered how much I liked Christopher Rizzo's e-book from 2008, "Playing the Amplitudes". Though two years' later in linking to it, better late than never: http://www.blazevox.org/ebk-cRizzo-REAL.pdf

~*~ Environmental crisis like the BP oil spill heighten emotions and inspire creators to create. Here's a link to poems and a call to poems, if you have any, in response to the oil spill:
Poets for Living Waters http://poetsgulfcoast.wordpress.com/

~*~ This is an older (a few years old, that is) essay/post/manifesto from Simon Dedeo that articulates alot of the trouble I had when I was in my emeffay. The trouble is, sometimes, I like the people and their ideas, I don't end up liking their poems is what. And this outlines reasons why, though in a much harsher way than I'd ever put it. I stick closer to "to each his own/ can't we all just get along" pragmatic kind of view when it comes to warring factions in poetry. Still, there's something very attractive about a clear articulation of "what's wrong and why" in certain types of poems...http://absentmag.org/issue02/html/simon_dedeo.html