New Orleans Is Foodie Town (among many other things)

Yum yum yum. And yum.

Theo's Pizza - a local chain. 2 dollar draft beer (like, Brooklyn Lager) on Tuesdays. I got the Arti Garlic and an olive salad and spinach.

Franky and Johnny's - Onion Rings and Green Bell Pepper Ring in cornmeal batter, potato salad, shrimp po boy and catfish po boy (split half and half) dressed. I added hot sauce to mine (the official hot sauce of the New Orleans Saints). Chocolate cake, because they were sadly out of peanutbutter pie.

I think a coffee shop called Cafe Envie nearby the Museum of Art. We had a delicious coconut cake and good coffee. Nice atomosphere, too.

African food at Bennachin on Royal St. The wait is FOREVER. It's BYOB. The kitchen is , you can walk right though it to get to the bathroon outside, but I did see a bug near my table at one point. And I don't mean a little thing, either. Despite all that, my coconut rice, black eyed peas in tomato and onion sauce and fried plantains were some of the best food I've ever eaten. And the portions are HUGE.