Me 'n Oscar Wilde

My mother took my brother and sister and I to Ireland in the summer of 2000. "This is your Disney World trip, by the way." (Still have never been to Disney. Not that I really mind.)

This is one of many "literary" photos I took while I was there. I have a picture of James Joyce from the Guiness factory at St James, a photo of the Gate Theatre, where Orson Welles got his start and more James Joyceian related photos from Galway.

Seeing my old pictures makes me want to go back. But not before I go to Paris. Must go there before I return to any other far away place. Anyway, even though I was 21, I think I did a good good being aware of the dense literary history in Ireland and how that would be something important to me throughout the years.
In addition to literary stuff, I also just loved the place. Not because it's where about 11/16 of the great-grandparents are probably from, but because it's purdy.