Botanical Gardens

New York Botanical Garden - Emily Dickinson Garden - Holly Hocks
The NYT has a stroy about the growing popularity of Botanical Gardens throughout the country, noting that they are no longer just about flowers.

Though, in a way, it makes me a little worried. Aren't they the preservers of flowers forgotten and then remembered and brought back after a trend of forgottenness? But, I guess, just as libraries are changing in style, content and function so are botanical gardens. Lets hope that everyone still has a foundation which preserves their original purposes. Lord know what could get lost if not?

Still, I should point out the wonderful things botanical gardens are doing now that Ladies Who Lunch and Garden are becoming extinct. The new Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens (hhhmmm, can I squeeze a visit next month when I'm up that way for Emily's wedding...?) has a chicken coup where kids can learn how to collect eggs and they also have a windmill weather station. Other places are staying open later for the after work crowd and offering cocktails. And then, of course, are the special exhibits, like that gem of an idea at the New York Botanical Gardens, for reproducing Emily Dickinson's garden. (I get a jolt of life and energy and enthusiasm for both gardening and poetry just thinking about it. And Holly Hocks. I LOVE Holly Hocks. I see them all over the neighborhood now, after noticing them in Em's garden that day...)

So, if you're so inclined, here's a list of Botanical Gardens in the USA from Wikipedia:

Which reminds me, I STILL haven't been to the Arnold Arboretum and it's practically in my backyard. I have many days in August to remedy that.