The Meta of the Mad Men Marketing

Mad Men Yourself Bridget Eileen makes a Mad Men Avatar of herself

Making an Avatar of Myself on the "Mad Men Yourself"

Whoa ho ho is AMC's marketing department just swinging these days with its oh-so-clever Mad Men ads and marketing campaigns. Imagine that: a show about effectve marketing and advertising has very effective marketing and advertising. Season 3 premieres Sunday, and they are pulling out all the stops.

First and most fun is the Mad Men Yourself avatar building campaign. I fell victim to this stunt and LOVE my result.

Next, the "Which character are you?" quiz. I got sh*tty Pete Campbell as my result. Um, ew.

Whatever. I am and always will be a "Joan" no matter what these blasted things say.

Bridget Eileen Posing as Joan Holloway Harris for Halloween