Terms to help reorganize this online notebook

I wanted to sort through the posts and get a better organization system going. These are just my loosely defined terms to help sort through the posts:

Label & meaning:

poet - about a specific poet, including biography and commentary but not including posting of a poem
poetry - a published poem by an author I like, poetry reading I've been to, topics in poetry
poems - my own work that I dare to share
poetics - study of poetry
music - everything from Sortie to Lady Gaga
pop culture - love pop culture stuff as much as I love high culture stuff
art - painting, sculpture, installation, artists, whatever
ecologies - more and more becoming a part of my artistic world, so it gets a label; everything from environmental issues to gardens and flowers
gardens and flowers - because I like gardening and it definitely helps my creativity
pictures - pictures/photos of mine or others to go along with the topics of this commonplace book. A physical commonplace book would have just such things as well
language - anything that would go into the 400s section of a Dewey Decimal System organized library
movies and film - nomenclature says it all
fiction - contemporary fiction, for the most part; if I'm talking about classic literature, I'll use that label
YA novel - young adult novels
children's literature - anything for high school age to newborn
theatre - anything on the stage pretty much
politics - books, movies or other works of art that are related to politics explicitly
history - covers all of it
religion faith spirituality - anything under that large umbrella
myths - from anywhere, any time including Wizard of Oz and Harry Potter
authors - posts about non-poet writers (since I write about Jane Austen often)
books - talking about specific books and its existence as a book, if you will
libraries - I work at one and love them so they get their own label
book lists - list of books, whether new books to me (will also have "new books" label) or related to something else
writing - anything that's about the act of writing prose
journaling - those letters I wrote to Ikea, old hand written entries I come across and want to post, or talking about journaling in general --which I practice almost daily, and picture blogs
sports and art - any writing or art about any sport or athlete (focus will be on Red Sox/baseball)
creative practice - anything dealing with the "how" of making art

I have to update old entries with these new tags. That's what tuning out and Red Sox games are for.