'Non-Academy' Poetry Event in Bay Area

If I lived in the Bay Area, I would definitely try to attend this event, sort of in response to the Rethinking Poetics conference. I just found this through Steve Evans FB post. This event concerns those people who earn a living outside of "the Academy." I am someone who has no interest in teaching in higher ed and have a limited capacity within it right now as a part-time library worker at a community college. This seems like it will be a good event, so if you're available, think about attending:


Description from the site: "Because issues of labor and money are integral to so many of our lives as artists, we are hoping that gathering as presenters and participants will highlight the particularity of our struggle to “do two jobs,” that is, make artworks and earn a wage to support ourselves. Because we are not employed by the University, the occasions for speaking in and with a group concerned with poetics and politics in a formal way are rare. But we think this gathering will be a positive model for thinking cooperatively in the future."