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Book Talk with Bridget Eileen - Books I Bought or Borrowed Recently

Persuasion by Jane Austen - finished it yesterday. Many Austen fans say this is her best. I was saying to my friends, if we set aside Pride and Prejudice, because it is a work that is beyond most works of literature period, and look at the rest of Austen's book, then yes, I can consider that this might be her best. I'll have to think about it more, though. This brings me to the end of reading all of the the completed Austen works. I have finished them all. I guess that means it's time to start all over again. It's been over 10 years since I read Northanger Abbey, so it'll be like new to me anyway.

The Book of Frank by CA Conrad - I had read a lot of this book or heard CA read from this book and finally finally finally purchased it, right when Small Press Distribution said there were only 9 left! I'm glad to finally own my own copy. This book of poems is, if you can picture it, what I call a lyrical epic. Short lines, mythic and grotesque imagery, sweet sadness and just beautiful despite being ugly most of the time. It's a series of paradoxes.

A Brief History of Time by Stephen Hawking - I like pop science books and this is the ultimate in pop science books. I borrowed a copy from the library and in it I found a dozen pressed red leaves in the page about mirror image particle spin (?). One of the good faculty members at Stonecoast, Dennis Nurkse ("D. Nurkse") talked about great idea, inspiration and revival of language usage coming from studying something outside of poetry. Maybe this will infuse itself into my writing, but I'm not interested particularly for that purpose as I am simply because I am a proud nerd.

The Joy of Vegan Baking - also a library book. I'll try some recipes and let you know. I find that the more vegan I eat, the better this fussy stomach of mine feels, so why not try out some vegan baking?

There's a long list of poetry books I've picked up at readings in the last month, but I will leave that to another post, as this one if very long.