Food & Drink on my NYC trip

Here's a list of places I went out to eat/drink/socialize while during my weekend in New York for the Rethinking Poetics conference and Emily Dickinson exhibit at the Botanical Garden.

Camille's for Saturday Brunch - $7.50 for a plate of pastries (scone, muffin, mini-croissant), toast, vegetable frittata, large grapefruit juice, cup of tea and a ton of fresh fruit. No kidding. It was all good, too. Not amazing, but certainly not bad.

1020 Bar - seriously good dive bar. Good happy hour specials, decent prices otherwise, nice bartenders and some Red Sox fans even.

V & T Pizza - big, old fashion Italian restaurant with those honest-to-God checkered red and white table cloths. Good prices, excellent pizza and a really good salad that was just homemade italian, iceberg lettuce, pitted kalamata olives, roasted red peppers, juicy red tomatoes

Tom's Restaurant - my milkshake was yummy, my food was mediocre, but as a consumer of pop culture, I was quite happy to visit this landmark

New York Botanical Garden Abigail Kirsch Cafe - fantastic view! We sat outside. It's just a cafeteria style dining area, but it was a good cafeteria. I had wild mushroom and violet stir fry with brown rice for just 3.75! Plus fresh iced tea and a lovely salad. It's a good place to have lunch if you're already there for the visit.

Dafni Greek Taverna - across from the Port Authority bus terminal. My little zucchini cake were too onion-y, the arugula salad was gigantic but weird with too much cheese and nothing special. But the service was friendly and everyone else seems to like. Maybe I picked the wrong menu items. I was trying to go for things I couldn't normally get at my local Greek restaurant ( a very good one, BTW, called Skara)

I didn't go anywhere special for breakfast. Just plain old Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts. But that's what was around and that's what was quick. So, there you go.