Today's Whole Foods Salad

Just wanted to post the ingredients of the huge, yummy salad I had from Whole Food RTG salad bar today:

-steamed and chilled kale
-mixed baby greens
-baby spinach
-sauteed mushrooms
-marinated beets
-hot and sour tofu
-macrobiotic salad
-falafel ball
-rice vinegar
-salt & pepper

It was a great dinner and better snack. (Too much to finish at first, but that's what I ate for "snack" later.)

Yesterday was half fruit and legume, very little cow dairy and practically no bad things. I had a bad sotmach yesterday so I wanted to treat it well so it'd be better.

Today's another 13 hour work day so exercise ahs been limited to playing catch at recess and walking around for the patron counts at the library. Ah well.