thrilling thunderstorms and some poems

It's a rainy May day and the library is very quiet (honestly, that's not always the case, even if it is a library). When it rains like this, you can hear it against the roof and large glass windows. There's thunder, too, which is always a sultry thrilling sort of thing. Makes me not want to be at work and instead at the desk in my bedroom looking out the window. But here I am.

Just looking through my notebook on this slow work day and found a poem I haven't typed up yet:

Why do people run it?
knead & squeeze knead & squeeze
(peanutbutter's good advice)
be a triple agent: think of
nice things to say
place torque on words like tinkering
Is work totally meaningless?
that one red emergency wall
do we believe that
sultry light from halogen lamps
corner to corner in the warm beige room
stand there and declare words for yourself
ears prickle or maybe don't due to a drone
but the fizz of beer or clink of wine or
glug of water fuels a soft yearning
a cheese and cracker bedspread replica
along the buring pain of my insides
I liked it when the reader asked questions
of his guests and the quiet ones got to speak
a lot of people have things to say besides just
the obvious ones and hearing the silents is often
quite informative. Platinum, beige, blue,
pink; scarves, jeans, jewelry, skirts
everyone's got something to contribute
so hush up and let them already

And a revision:

discovery the moon

you know the more you don't know the
opposite of it is certainty

wise is nothing terrestrial

times expanding
borderline collapse to be gravity
slowly the edge marvels quasars very well

stuff we didn't know
thrilling dark energy

okay challenge gravity delight in
lack of answers

star covers troubadours

observe against one suit

astronomy identity history
formal entrusted traditional math
everybody did everything

yes we see what he sees
groups craters

disgruntled train operator interrupts
Easter mashed potatoes
by using the blare repeatedly & overly much

monastic bedroom
cell in the classroom through work

piece of land drama
science headquarters
gardens summer lake palace 100 years’ change
mission persecute history
has its jokes God's good sense of humor

you physics heart writ spatial
remember geometry
strike vision