Poets' Quotes and poetical meanderings

You know how you go looking for one thing when searching the internet and then end up somewhere else and you spend a long time on that different search path, but it's just fine as it's all helpful in the end? That just happened to me. I found this quote of Jim Carroll's

Never learn too well the works of a poet,

for, somehow, the works of the masters have

infiltrated the systems of those who are

dangerous and covert. They have turned lines of

beauty and love into codes of identification.

Security is maintained in the detection of

a flawed meter, and messages of coercion and betrayal are delivered in iambics.

- Jim Carroll - "Homage to Gerard Manley Hopkins"

I came across this quote at Ed Coletti's poetry blog. I foudn this blog today because I was looking for poems of John Coletti's on-line (because I don't have any of his books with me right now as I am at work at the lib). I'm doing a thing to help think about articulating what I do and do not like about contemporary poetry. So, John Coletti is my "poetry I like" column and I'm contrasting it with another poet's work that I am not too keen on and JUXTAPOSING (ding ding ding alert alert Favorite Word in Use!! Yay!!) them on a Word document, which I will then print out and scribble all over about what I like and don't like. Even though another quote I just read at the blog, from Blake, went thusly

William Blake's Motto

I must Create a System or be enlav'd by another Man's.

I will not Reason & Compare: my business is to Create."

Ah fricken well. That's how I like to roll. Sorry William Blake. That's how I free my mind of the chains of negative parts of being in an MFA program...you see. Untangle my muddled mind and find my poetry instinct by articulating what I do and do not like. "Closely read" to help discern who I am (the whole genesis of this blog!)

meandering over...back to work