a difficult subject...

Okay, the other day, I read a poem about cancer, about a loved one dying of cancer. While I feel for the writer's loss -- deeply, with much empathy -- I didn't like the poem. Too maudlin, forced, weird. I've tried to approach this stupid piece of sh1t subject a bigillion times in my poems, a natural thing to do for a poet who has lost a loved one to cancer, but every time I do, it just comes out no good. So, I'm going to end it here once and for all. Let's call this a "lune". This is my lune poem about cancer. I didn't follow the form strictly.

Cancer Lune

no better way to say it
cancer sucks
a lot

The End

Profound and moving, no? It's the best I'll ever do on the subject, too, probably.

I think Jim (my dad, who died from lung cancer) would've like it, and that's the best I can do for the subject.