The Artist Jess at the MoMA

In a temporary exhibit featuring myth in Modern art, the MoMA had a gigantic pencil sketch titled "Narkissos: The Last Translation" drawn by the artist Jess, partner of Robert Duncan.

I'd seen a book of his artwork and seen other things of his here and there (I have an old copy of Caterpillar 7 that has some stuff from Jess in it) but to see a something like 5x4 canvas of his work was really something.

Because I just have a plain old unfancy camera, I was unable to get a photo of the entire work. So I just took close ups of parts of it. The intricate detail is remarkable. You could look at this work for a long time and still not have discovered every detail and little scene portrayed.

It's like Jess's signature collage work, only he hand drew all of it in light graphite.

After years of hearing about a thing -- the art work of Jess in this case, from all of that studying of Robert Duncan -- it was good to see something in person, and something I really liked, to boot.